Hello Colleagues,

I hope you are having a great Fourth of July weekend!

Savannah and her team at Tremont Strategies have been in conversation with the MA Association of School Superintendents (“MASS”). As they look at reopening their respective school districts, many are looking for unused, available space to rent. To that end, MASS is interested in possible partnerships with camps. These partnerships could generate revenue for those camps that are interested, and be the beginning of long term working relationships with local school districts.

To foster those relationships, MCA will be presenting a report to MASS with the names and brief profiles of camps that respond to this email and meet the criteria set forth by MASS. Please note: MCA will facilitate this first phase of the process. Each camp will negotiate its own agreement, contract and terms with school districts. 

In order to be eligible, the camp must:

·     Have at least 4 – 5 classrooms (or rooms that can be used as classrooms); and

·     Have enough room for 14 – 15 children at a distance of 6 feet apart or have approximately 750 square feet of space; and

·     Not be sharing space with other groups or programs (the space must only be used by the school district).


·     Complete the form available HERE

·     If you are NOT interested, whether you meet the criteria or not, please answer question 1 and 2 on the form to help us delineate between those who have and have not answered this email. 

We will follow up by phone or email with camps that express interest and meet the criteria before Wednesday, July 8. The report is due to MASS by Thursday, July 9.

Please contact me with any questions: cabodeely@brimmer.org. And THANK YOU!