Business Affiliates

Support the Massachusetts Camping Association to support a great cause and gain visibility with our member camps.

GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS AFFILIATES! Join us today and help advocate for the summer camping industry in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Camping Association (MCA) represents over 1200 Massachusetts summer camps that are licensed by the Department of Public Health annually. An elected volunteer Board of Directors governs MCA. MCA is the LEADING VOICE in legislative and regulatory issues that may effect the operation of Massachusetts camps.  Our goal is to increase our support from Business Affiliates so we can increase our member camps, drive advocacy, and strengthen our efforts to serve as an educational and collaborative resource for organized youth camps in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MCA works closely with the American Camp Association-New England but is an independent organization dedicated to protecting the integrity and viability of organized camping to the hundreds of thousands of youth served in Massachusetts. We are “STRONGER TOGETHER!”


  • Full access to MCA’s website with a link to your business on our homepage.
  • Access to our members contact information.
  • Opportunity to form personal relationships with members by attending MCA functions including our annual meeting and seasonal events.
  • Advertisement in our e- newsletters.
  • Support positive youth development within Mass Youth Camps.
  • Annual Membership runs January through December.


Now available: pay via Paypal! If you’d still like to register and pay via the paper form and check, see below.


Business Affiliate Membership

For paper registration: Use the link below. Fill out the form and send to us at Upon receipt of registration, we will connect with you to see how we can ensure you have all the information you need to get the most of your affiliation.

Click here for our paper Business Affiliate Application

Need More Details? Contact one of our Business Committee Chairs:

Ellen Felcher at 781-489-2055, or by email.

Beth Johns-Thomas at 617-474-5181, or by email.