About us

For over 45 years,¬†the Massachusetts Camping Association¬†has been the leading professional voice for the Massachusetts’ camping industry, consisting of hundreds of resident and day camps. MCA, in conjunction with the American Camping Association of New England, retains the services of a well established lobbying firm to move forward the major effort of implementing legislative changes. The organization is led by a volunteer Board of Directors of experienced camp professionals who are dedicated to doing what is best for the summer camp industry.


Our primary goal is to support our member camps, and the entire camping industry across Massachusetts. Over our almost 50 years of existence, we have made many measurable gains for camps, and been an influencing force in shaping how camp regulation changes in the state. Each year, we work with the Massachusetts Department of Health on regulatory changes, along with lobbying at the state and federal level to represent the interests of summer camps.

Membership in MCA provides access to the most up-to-date information around regulation, industry challenges, and upcoming changes. Our members receive monthly communication, along with opportunities for learning and networking with fellow camp directors to move the industry forward. Our believe is that the Massachusetts summer camp community is “STRONGER TOGETHER!”