What are Camp Directors saying about MCA?

“I urge every camp in Massachusetts to be a member of MCA.   The networking opportunities are invaluable to me, and to know our lobbyist is paying attention to legislative issues and keeping us informed helps all of us be the best camps we can be!”  
Emily Parker, Director of Nobles Day Camp
“The value of MCA is staying connected to the latest information in our field, both legal and programmatic. The ability to meet with other camp directors and professionals to talk about relevant topics is worth its weight in gold and has helped shape my own programs each year. “
James Reinhold, Director of Hale Day Camp
“MCA has been a very important organization in getting the information out to all camps regarding the rules and regulations and laws pertaining to the operation of Massachusetts camps. Keeping us informed and explaining the regulations has been invaluable. Explaining what has to be done in preparation for the upcoming season is very important. Advocating for all Massachusetts camps and looking out for our best interests; providing us with the necessary forms and information that the State and the Boards of Health require of all Massachusetts camps. It is the one place that we as camp directors can turn to for help in interpreting the new regulations that seem to pop up every year, and providing us with the necessary forms that the Board of Health wants completed.”
Paul Davis, Director of Camp Avodo