Our History

The Massachusetts Camping Association (MCA) was organized on January 10th, 1975, in partnership with the Western Massachusetts Camp Directors Association and the New England Camp Association. The organization was started to provide a “leading voice” for all Massachusetts Licensed Recreational Children’s Camps in providing education to legislators that would have a positive impact on legislation in the best interest of campers, camp staff and the camp industry. Their first action to influence was the Youth Camp Safety Bill and to educate legislators around the specific needs for camps in relation to labor laws.

Today, the Massachusetts Camping Association continues to be a “LEADING VOICE” for camps by their organization and opportunity to influence today’s legislators on the important needs and concerns of camps in regards to camp safety and sustainability. We continue to maintain a strong relationship with the Western Massachusetts Camping Association and the New England American Camp Association.

Since 1975, we have grown to represent over 1200 camps around the Commonwealth.